Wilma - PEP Proxy


The Wilma PEP Proxy in combination with Identity Management and Authorization PDP GEs, adds authentication and authorization security to your backend applications. Thus, only FIWARE users will be able to access your Generic Enablers and other REST services. The PEP Proxy allows you to programmatially manage specific permissions and policies to your resources allowing different access levels to your users.


Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Introduction

This lesson introduces the main concepts needed to understand the architecture and the goals of Wilma.

Lesson 2. Installing, registering and configuring Wilma

This lesson explains how to install and configure Wilma to start working with it.

Lesson 3. Securing a REST API

This lesson presents the way in which you can secure your REST APIs and shows practical examples with a real backend.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Use of the Wilma PEP Proxy is described in the following step-by-step tutorial: