Idra is a web application able to federate existing Open Data Management Systems (ODMS) based on different technologies, providing a unique access point to search and discover open datasets coming from heterogeneous sources. Idra uniforms metadata of collected open datasets, thanks to the adoption of international standards (DCAT-AP) and provides a set of RESTful APIs to be used by third-party applications.

Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Idra portal - end user functionalities

This video guide shows the main Idra portal functionalities for the end user.

Lesson 2. Idra portal - administration dashboard

This video guide shows the main functionalities of the Idra portal administration dashboard.

Lesson 3. Idra web scraping plugin and connector

This video guide shows the usage of web scraping plugin and connector, to federate a generic open data portal (that does not provide API) in Idra.