Scorpio - Linked Data Context Broker


Scorpio implements NGSI-LD, which is the evolution of NGSI v2 and previous versions going back to the OMA NGSI context interfaces. This standardized version is based on the NGSI-LD specification published by the ETSI Industry Specification Group on Context Information Management.

Scorpio supports different deployment configurations, which support scalability and extension of scenarios in an evolutionary way. For example two separate deployments can be combined or for scalability reasons different brokers can be used – completely transparent to Context Consumers that can still use a single point of access. Scorpio also implements the optional temporal NGSI-LD interface, so any updated context information can automatically be made available as history information through the temporal interface.


Step-by-Step Tutorials

Techniques for working with Linked Data using Scorpio are described in the following step-by-step tutorials: