i4Trust: Train the Trainers

i4Trust is looking for DIHs to engage in a process of collective learning and human endeavor that will grow and scale the ideas of SMEs in their regions, unleashing the potential of data sharing and enabling cross-domain data value chains.

A comprehensive Train the Trainers program, created by the i4Trust experts in data sharing from the FIWARE Foundation and iSHARE Foundation, will help to equip DIH local experts with the necessary i4Trust know-how to support the selected experiments in the first Open Call and their transference to the market.

1. Introduction to i4Trust Data Spaces

This session will elaborate on the i4Trust overall mission and vision and introduce you to data spaces: how they enable the development of innovative services and what building blocks are required to build data spaces. It will elaborate on what i4Trust is aiming at beyond building blocks which is the creation of a vibrant community. In addition, there will be an introduction to the role of DIHs and to i4Trust open calls. The session for Local Experts in Data Sharing (LEBDs) & Ambassadors.

2. NGSI-LD primer & Smart Data Models

This session consists of two parts. In the first part you will get introduced to NGSI-LD: the basic model/concept behind and basic operations allowing you to start developing applications with the API. In the second part, you will get introduced to the Smart Data Models initiative. Technical Session for Local Experts in Data Sharing (LEBDs)

  • FIWARE in a nutshell
  • Rationale behind NGSI-LD (Why linked data)
  • NGSI-v2 to NGSI-LD
    • Basic CRUD Properties
    • Basic CRUD Relationships
    • IRI attributes
    • Subscriptions
    • Registrations
  • Data Models

3. i4Trust components for Identity Management and Access Control

This session consists of two parts. The first part of the session will introduce you to i4Trust IAM components in detail while the second will introduce i4Trust Marketplace Services. Technical session for Local Experts in Data Sharing (LEBDs)

4. Bringing the pieces together - Detailed review of a reference example

This session will explain how everything comes together under i4Trust using a reference example and then explain that example in detail. It will be bringing the pieces together: Detailed technical review of a reference example: the prerequisites, creating an offering, acquiring rights/activation, & consumption. And the setup of components of the i4Trust experimentation framework. The technical session for Local Experts in Data Sharing (LEBDs).

5. NGSI-LD Advanced Operations

  • NGSI-LD Specific Headers
  • Temporal Queries
  • NGSI-LD Language Maps
  • Expansion and Compaction
  • Filtering entity queries
    • Filtering using the q parameter
    • The geoQ parameters
    • The temporalQ parameters
  • Connecting Data Providers
  • Data Models

6. Ecosystem Building & the role of DIHs

This session consists of two parts. The first part will elaborate on the approach adopted towards building the i4Trust Community and the second will elaborate on the OnBoarding: the role of DIHs.

7. Connecting to Legacy Systems,IoT and other Systems

Session for Local Experts in Data Sharing (LEBDs), the session will explain about how to connect to legacy systems, IoT, etc.