IoT Agents


The IoT Agent component is an implementation of the Backend Device Management GE, according to the FIWARE reference architecture. You are here because you need to connect objects to gather data or interact with them, typical IoT use case scenario . If so, you need to use one of the existing IoT Agents that are part of IDAS.

You need this component if you plan to connect IoT devices/gateways to FIWARE-based ecosystems. IoT Agents translate IoT-specific protocols into the NGSI context information protocol, that is the FIWARE standard data exchange model. You do not need this component if your devices or gateways natively support the NGSI API.


IoT Agent Framework Library

Academy Courses

Lesson 1. IoT Agent Training

Introduction to IoT and IoT Agents. Training at Madrid Developers Week 2015.

Lesson 2. Connecting IoT Devices

Lesson 3. UltraLight 2.0

Lesson 4. OMA Lightweight M2M

This video presentation explains how to connect to the internet of Things using the OMA Lightweight M2M protocol.

Lesson 5. JSON

Lesson 6. LoRaWAN

Lesson 7. OPC-UA

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Use of IoT Agents are described in the following step-by-step tutorials: