Kurento- Media Server


The Kurento Media Server is a Stream-oriented Generic Enabler which provides a framework devoted to simplify the development of complex interactive multimedia applications through a rich family of APIs and toolboxes. Thanks to these, the Stream Oriented Generic Enabler provides developers with a set of robust end-to-end interoperable multimedia communication capabilities to deal with the complexity of transport, encoding/decoding, processing and rendering tasks in an easy and efficient way. Kurento is an implementation of the FIWARE Stream Oriented Generic Enabler. In summary, Kurento makes possible the development of complex interactive multimedia communications in a fast, simple and easy way.

Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Introduction to Kurento

This lesson presents a introduction to the Kurento framework, architecture and key concepts.

Lesson 2. Kurento Installation Guide

This lesson shows how to install the Kurento infrastructure, i.e. the Kurento Media Server (KMS). For further information, please visit the Kurento installation and administration guide.

Lesson 3. Kurento Development Guide

This lesson presents a tutorial of how to start developing Kurento-based multimedia applications. For further information, please visit the Kurento programmers guide.

Lesson 4. Cloud Instances of Kurento on FIWARE Lab

This lesson shows how to create cloud instances of Kurento using FIWARE Lab.

Lesson 5. Real-time Media Stream Processing

This video presentation explains real-time media stream processing using the Kurento Media Server.

Code Examples

Moreover, other tutorials can be done using the Stream Oriented GE (Kurento), for example: 

  • Hello-world application. This application implements a WebRTC loopback (a WebRTC media stream going from client to Kurento and back to the client).
  • One to many video call application. This web application consists video broadcasting with WebRTC. One peer transmits a video stream and N peers receives it.
  • One to one video call. This application is a soft phone based on WebRTC.
  • Advanced one to one video call application. This is an enhanced version of the previous application recording of the video communication, and also integration with an augmented reality filter.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Kurento is described in the following step-by-step tutorial: