AuthzForce - XACML PDP


AuthzForce is the reference implementation of the Authorization PDP Generic Enabler (formerly called Access Control GE). Indeed, as mandated by the GE specification, this implementation provides an API to get authorization decisions based on authorization policies, and authorization requests from PEPs. The API follows the REST architecture style, and complies with XACML v3.0.


Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Introduction to Authorization PDP GE and AuthzForce GEri

This lesson is an introduction to the Authorization PDP Generic Enabler, AuthzForce (GEri) and an overview of how this course is structured.

Lesson 2. Introduction to the API of Authorization PDP GE

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the common API (Application Programming Interface) of Authorization PDP Generic Enabler implementations, as defined in FIWARE Open Specification, including the reference implementation AuthzForce.

Lesson 3. Introduction to AuthzForce

In this lesson, you will learn about AuthzForce - the Authorization PDP GEri:

  • Features, including extra API enhancements (not in the GE specification);
  • How to install;
  • How to administer;
  • How to use and program with AuthzForce API.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Use of Authzforce is described in the following step-by-step tutorial: