FIWARE Webinar Recordings

The FIWARE Foundation offers a series of training workshops in the form of online webinars. These are designed to appeal to a variety of audiences and are ranked according to their level of difficulty. Look at the FIWARE site to check the list of upcoming webinars

The webinar series will covers all you need to learn about FIWARE: what each of the FIWARE components brings and how apps can be developed using them. We will explain what the vision and value proposition of FIWARE is in specific domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Agrifood, Smart Energy, and Smart Industry and showcase the kind of initiatives members of the FIWARE Community are carrying out beyond the development of the technology.

Each webinar is recorded, the recordings are listed below.

Academy Courses

Lesson 1. Introduction to FIWARE

Difficulty:  â˜…

This video presentation is a basic introduction describing what FIWARE is, why you need it and how the elements of the FIWARE Catalogue can help accelerate the development of your Smart Solution.

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Lesson 2. Core Context Management

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜… 

  • What is Context Data?
  • What is a Context Broker?
  • What is NGSI v2?
  • Introduction to harmonized data models
  • How to read and update context data via REST
  • How to assign relationships between Entities
  • How to register other sources as context data
  • How to subscribe to changes in context

🇯🇵 このビデオ・プレゼンテーションは 日本語字幕でご覧いただけます。
🇮🇹 Questo webinar è disponibile con sottotitoli in italiano.

This video presentation is an introduction to Core Context Management describing about the NGSI DataModel and the NSGI interface, registrations, subscription etc.

Lesson 3. What is an IoT Agent?

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜… 

  • What is a transport?
  • What is a message protocol?
  • What do the terms northbound/southbound and north/south port mean ?
  • How are commands and measurements processed?

  • What is an IoT Agent? What does it do?

  • How can I configure an IoT Agent over HTTP?
  • How can I configure an IoT Agent over MQTT?

This video presentation shows how to connect IoT Devices to the Context Broker using an IoT Agent and how to ensure your device is FIWARE Ready.

🇯🇵 このビデオ・プレゼンテーションは 日本語字幕でご覧いただけます。

Lesson 4. How to Secure FIWARE Architectures

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜… 

  • What are Identity Management and Access Control?
  • Which FIWARE components will you need?
  • What are Authentication and Authorization? How do they differ?
  • What is OAuth2? What flows are supported?

  • What is a PEP Proxy? What does it do?

  • What is a PDP and when will I need one?
  • What terms such as RBAC, PBAC and XACML mean and how are they used?

This video presentation shows how to add Identity Management and Access Control elements to your FIWARE Architecture by using the Generic Enablers from the Security Chapter.

🇯🇵 このビデオ・プレゼンテーションは 日本語字幕でご覧いただけます。

Lesson 5. How to Debug IoT Agents

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜… â˜… â˜… 

  • How to diagnose common problems
  • How to test services in isolation
  • How to set-up and interpret debug
  • Configuring IoT Agents
  • Adding diagnostic debug
  • Where to look for help and advice

This video presentation shows how to connect devices to processing enablers via an IoT Agent and the context broker, what can go wrong when trying to wire up the system. How to diagnose problems and how to fix them.

Lesson 6. How to Get Context Data Out of Robots

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜…

  • How can FIWARE and Standardized Context Data Management create synergies between Robotic Systems and other Smart Solutions?
  • What is a Robotic System?
  • How to get/put context data out from/into robotic systems?

This video presentation shows how to retrieve context data and actuate robots

🇯🇵 このビデオ・プレゼンテーションは 日本語字幕でご覧いただけます。

Lesson 7. Data Modelling with NGSI

Difficulty:  â˜… â˜… â˜… 

  • Understanding and applying Standard Data Models.
  • NGSI v2 : Relationships, properties and metadata
  • NGSI-LD : Relationships, properties and @context
  • Practical use cases in Smart City and Smart Agriculture

This video presentation shows how to design and apply Standard NGSI Data Models.